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Dena Dorn
A graduate of Cal Poly State University of San Luis Obispo, California, Dena Dorn has been professionally training horses since the late 1990s.  She returned home to expand the family business, and continue her education through Denver Metro State University.  Dena began her training career as a youth, working with many of her own horses as well as those for family and friends.  She works with all ages, problems and horse personalities:  green broke, yearling, bad habits, sport horses, trail horses and such.
"I use the natural horsemanship method of training and work with the horse to get the best results.  Horses are like people, some learn faster than others.  They take me where they want to go.  Most of my training is done at the ranch, but I don’t mind going to your house when the situation warrants it."
Dena doesn’t accept horses for anything less than one month and highly recommends 3 months.
"An untrained horse is like a blank sheet of paper. If you make a mistake and have to erase, there is always a slight hint of marking left from the pencil. It is better to move forward slowly than to rush him faster than he can handle. Some things are tough to go back and fix. I start at square-one with every horse. Cues, spook-proofing, pressures, etc. Depending on the nature of the horse, I can ride within the first week and continue to work on the holes. Each situation and each personality is different. The goal is a soft, sound, trusting, and quiet horse."

Dena’s methods of training follow those of Kevin Meyer, Tom Mowery, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, and other natural horsemanship trainers, finding that the basic understanding of a horse’s nature is the same but getting them to connect takes different methods.

"Most trainers will talk about their “tool box.”  Generally the best trainers are the ones with the largest tool box and who keep the lid open.  I learn something new everyday and find horses to be amazing teachers and therapists.  They are all different and the more you understand them and their natural instincts, the easier it is to speak their language.  Which in turn makes it easier to train them.  God bless and may God keep your eyes open, your heart full, and your clothes dusty.  Ride Straight."

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Triple D Ranch has been a
dream come true for our family.

~ The Dunfee Family

The confidence, listening skills
and love of all living things
our family has gained is priceless
affecting all areas of our life!

~ Tom, Theresa and Deanna

Triple D Ranch provides an
enjoyable learning environment
for all ages!

~ The Miller 's

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